MBBS In Nepal

Why Study MBBS in Nepal

MBBS in Nepal is a recommended place for Indian medical studies. Nepal is close to India and has peaceful relations with the nation. As long-time medical students’ study in Nepal, most of the students are mostly from the northern part of the country. The good thing about Nepal medical colleges is that most of the wisdom comes from India. There are many professors in India. If you want a direct admission of MBBS in Nepal without a contribution to the best medical colleges within your budget set under Management / Indian / foreign / medical college rating, you are definitely in the right place. MBBS from Nepal only works in India after receiving an MCI exam once you have completed your medical studies.

Nepal is famous among Indian students mainly because of the quality of education, the competitive nature of the competition, and the small print are just a few of the reasons why Indian students prefer this country to higher education. Contrary to other countries, you do not need any study visa in Nepal. In addition, culture, eating habits, and lifestyles are closely linked to India.

All medical colleges / universities are accredited by the Medical Council of India. Even the curriculum is similar to its Indian counterparts. There is no such language limit. Having English and Hindi as the lingua franca of Nepal, students will find it easier to communicate with each other and even with their patients during their training.

Fees structure of MBBS in Nepal

Speaking of MBBS financial structure and costs to Nepal Medical Colleges, it is very expensive compared to Pvt Indian Medical Colleges Fees paid in Nepal medical colleges range from 40 Lakhs to 60 Lakhs (total 5 years) while students pay approx, 80-90 Lakhs in India will study MBBS in Pvt Medical colleges. This is one reason why so many Indian students are moving to Nepal to study medicine.

Time duration of MBBS in Nepal

MBBS study period in Nepal is five and a half years.

  • The first years are for teaching and basic medical and clinical studies.
  • Last year, students were required to attend a clinical training program at a college or university hospital. Such courses also offer options for hiring students upon graduation.
  • Students who have passed 10 + 2 in a science field are eligible to apply for MBBS accreditation in Nepal.
  • Admission to Nepal, it is important for students to meet certain prescribed procedures set by medical universities / colleges.
  • There will be no rest provided to students in a fit position. The Nepal MBBS entry test for students who would like to appear should meet the eligibility process.

Why Study MBBS in Nepal?


  • Simple Literature: The curriculum in Nepal universities is simple and fast. Applicants may apply for easy or other work-related admission with the university. Due to the complex procedure and the humble conduct of the people of Nepal many foreign students apply to Nepal universities.
  • Visa-admission: A very favourable situation for Indian students to pursue medical care in Nepal without a visa due to friendly relations between the two nations. Indian students are allowed to enter the country without a visa or permit but some foreign students are required to take their visa with them.
  • No Professional Examination: In many European universities it is necessary to obtain a language test such as IELTS or TOEFL to gain entry in any course but this does not happen if Nepal University students do not need to cancel any competency tests. The universities of Nepal will give you the opportunity to study without any kind of pressure.
  • Expensive: Compared to Indian institutions either public or private the average family student should not get admission due to the very high cost and donation fee so applying to universities in Nepal is a wise decision because their tuition fees are below the Indian institution and their students do not have to give or what are the donation fees. Total revenue is approximately 24 to 40 lakhs INR.
  • Hospitality in Nepal: Hostel accommodation is available for international students from abroad. There is a separate hostel available for girls and boys at an affordable and affordable modern lifestyle and access to healthy food. Hostel rooms are available simultaneously or shared so that students can easily manage on their fixed budget.


Benefits of Studying MBBS in Nepal

  • All medical colleges and universities in Nepal are accredited by MCI India. Therefore, the quality of education and training received in Nepal is appropriate in India.
  • Apart from other overseas destinations Nepal offers the same quality MBBS program at very affordable cost. It offers an inexpensive way to learn.
  • As Nepal is a developing country there is a wide range of opportunities for global exposure by people from different nationalities.
  • Admission to Nepali colleges or universities for students does not have to take English language tests like IELTS or TOEFL.
  • Visa is not required for Indian students to study MBBS in Nepal. This right only applies to Indian students.
  • Medical colleges or universities of Nepal offer internationally recognized degrees, to work anywhere in the world.
  • The education provided by Nepali colleges is of the highest standard.
  • Nepalese medical colleges and universities do not charge any admission fees.
  • Nepal is safe for international students.
  • Learners will not experience language barriers. Anyone can easily choose Nepal course. English and Hindi are often used as a means of communication.